At National Pond Service, we help people enjoy ponds. 

  • We identify and reduce pond nutrients that cause algae, excessive aquatic plant growth and poor water conditions without the use of chemicals. 
  • We evaluate ponds to determine if aeration would be beneficial for improving the water quality of your pond.  
  • Our monthly service program will keep your pond or water feature looking their best.  This program will help you with scheduling by providing convenient site visits, a record or environmental data for future planning, and the relief in knowing if a problem arises we will take care of it.
  • We repair and rebuild water features that are in need of an upgrade.
  •  We focus on continuing our education in caring for aquatic environments and using natural, nonchemical approaches to provide you with long term solutions to your pond problems. 

We are a full-service fountain, water feature, pond service company specializing in nonchemical pond remediation, pond management and pond consultation services.  We have extensive experience working with individual property owners, home owner associations, corporate parks as well as municipalities and state or federal agencies.  Contact us today at info@nationalpondservice.com and let us help you. 


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