Jim Kennedy

Water Plant Cattail

Cattails (Typha latifolia) have broad linear leaf blades with dense brown spike at the top.  Cattails are great filter plants in a bog, stream or pond and are hardy to zone 3. Common Names: Cattail, Broadleaf cattail, Common cat-tail, broad-leaf cat-tail Scientific Name: Typha latifolia Sun Tolerance: Cattails do well […]

Tropical Water Lilies

Known by some as the true aristocrats of the water garden, tropical water lilies add color and sparkle to any pond. These exotic, intoxicating aquatic plants captivate the hearts of water gardeners of all ages and experience. Even though tropical water lilies cannot overwinter in an outdoor pond, many people […]

Spring Pond Prep Tip of the Day!

Spring is the time to get a handle on your cattails. Cattails can quickly ruin a pond’s visual and recreational benefits. When left unchecked, cattails can proliferate and take over a pond in no time. We’ve even talked to some folks with cattails growing in the organic sediment (sludge) in […]

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Spring Pond Prep Tip of the Day!

Water temperatures are now high enough that you can feed your fish more often. We recommend three times a week using the five-minute rule (feed your fish as much as they will consume within five minutes). Uneaten food rots, causing water quality problems in your pond. Be sure to use a […]

Spring Pond Prep Tip of the Day!

Caring for your pump should be part of your pond preparations this spring. Make sure it’s cleaned out before you fire it up and that the impeller is free of debris. Check that the impeller can spin freely for one full turn. Become familiar with your pond pump user guide […]

Spring Pond Prep Tip of the Day!

Spring is a good time to divide and repot aquatic plants. Like other perennial plants, aquatic plants increase in size each year. Many aquatic plants grow from rhizomes or tubers that would spread out to form a larger clump each year if they were growing in their native habitat. Since […]

Water Plant Marsh Betony

Marsh betony (Stachys palustris) has small, hairy, green leaves similar to Bee balm, which change color to maroon or yellow in the fall with thick spikes of pink or purple flowers.  Marsh betony looks great in shaded plant containers, bog filters, stream beds and pond shelves. Hardy from zones 4-8. […]

Spring Pond Prep Tip of the Day!

Just the word “bacteria” concerns some pond owners. They think bacteria of any kind will harm their fish and other aquatic life. Bacteria, however, are present in any functioning ecosystem. While some types are undesirable, others help control nutrients and keep your pond clean. We’re finding, however, that folks adding […]