Pond Maintenance Tips

Check out our articles regarding tips on pond maintenance and other fun pond related articles. Learn how to keep your pond clean and your fish happy and safe! Learn how to control algae in your pond or water garden.


DON’T FORGET…..TOMORROW…… We are having a HUGE FISH BARN SALE this Saturday June 11th from 9-NOON. We have a nice selection of Kohakus, Sankes, Showas and MORE!! We can accommodate all price levels. We do specialize in high quality Japanese KOI and GOLDFISH. You will leave the barn with your […]

Check out this months special!

JUNE Special Microbe-Lift Large Pond Pack: 1 PBL Liquid (5 gallons Each) 1 Sludge Away Liquid (5 gallons Each) 6 Packets of NPS All-Season Bacteria (8oz each) Total Retail:  $745.85 Yours This MONTH:  $633.95 With the combination of these products you will be muck free, algae free, and have clear water!  Call or […]

May Special has arrived!

MAY Special Water Garden Spring Pack: Includes: 1 Quart PBL liquid (32 oz each) 1 Quart Sludge Away (32 oz each) 1 Pint Barley Straw (16oz each) 1 Pound Willow Pond Aqua Farms Fish Food (16 oz each) Yours today for only $71.95  Retail: $83.80 This is the perfect package to get […]

April Special…..Don’t wait!

April Special 1 Acre Pond Spring Pack: This package will include:  2 Bags of Barley Straw Pellets (40 pounds each), 2 Jars of blue Lake pond dye (3 4 ounce packets), 12 Packets of National Pond Service All-Season Bacteria (8oz each). Total Retail:  $ 375.83 Yours the month of April for […]