Country Pond Filter                                           


Owning a pond that is covered with green algae or duckweed is less than appealing unless you have feathers and webbed feet. Since 2012 we at National Pond Service have been activity researching the development of a simple filter capable of reducing the nutrients that support the growth of green algae and duckweed (lemna sp.).

Benefits of Country Pond Filters:

  • Easy to install in about one hour, no excavation needed, place next to your pond
  • Removes nutrients from your pond all year through a natural process
  • Cost effective alternative to chemical treatments


This filter is four years old!

What we have learned is important to share with you:

  • Country Pond Filters are minimally effective if the pond PH level is less than 6.5
  • Some ponds require a combination of natural treatments. For example, using aeration or selective bacteria products with filtration to reduce organic sediments on the bottom
  • Filters effectively remove pond nutrients during winter conditions when other products are dormant

We have provided our research results along with several images to help our clients gain a detailed understanding of the filtration process for reducing nutrients that accumulate in ponds.