Ordering Aquatic Plants


Ordering aquatic plants online can be very easy and very rewarding if you know what to do when your pond plants arrive.  White pond lily in northeast

Most aquatic plants are shipped bare root and will require potting after they arrive.  Fill a bucket with water before your plants arrive to allow the water to warm up to air temperature so you don’t shock your water plants.

Before you open your box of plants, inspect the box for any damage or leaks.  If in the unfortunate event your box is damaged or wet, take a picture of the damage before opening the box. 

Open the box and carefully remove the bag of plants.  If you ordered your aquatic plants from National Pond Service your packing slip/order receipt will be adhered to the inside lid of the box.  The plants will be double bagged with their roots wrapped in moist newspaper.

Regardless of where your new plants come from whether for your terrestial garden or your water garden, it’s always a good idea to check any new plants for bugs or damage before introducing them to your garden.

Remove the newspaper and immediately place your aquatic plants in your bucket of water until you are ready to plant them or put them into your pond.  Please read our article, “Caring for Aquatic Plants” to learn how to pot, plant and care for water plants.

Lotus plants are generally shipped bare root as tubers in April through May before they sprout too many leaves.  Once you receive your tuber, float it in a shallow container in a sunny warm location. The tuber will start to open leaves that float on the water and then the leaves will begin to stand up.  

Mrs Perry D Slocum Lotus FlowerIf the outside weather is warm enough (above 60 degrees) the tuber can be transferred to a Lotus Garden or potted and placed in the shallow water of your garden pond.  Cover your lotus tuber with no more than 3-4 inches of soil and fertilize every 2 weeks with 2 aquatic plant fertilizer tablets for the best results.  Keep the plant submerged or constantly moist and in full sun.  Your lotus may not flower the first year you plant it but if you’re patient enough they’re worth the wait.  Sometimes blooms can be encouraged sooner by keeping the lotus pot closer to the surface where the water will become warmer sooner.