Pond Specials

Diffused aeration in your pond helps prevent fish kills.

Diffused aeration in your pond helps prevent fish kills.

June Special

Garden Pond Aeration Kit:  Retails for $189.99

Yours for the month of June:  $161.50

Do you use aeration during the winter months?  National Pond Service recommends aeration to help prevent fish kill.  Aeration is also good when used to help promote oxygen into your pond.  We have kits available for purchase on our website.  Aeration kit includes the following:  Compressor, 10 feet of weighted tubing, and an airstone.  If you have any other questions please let us know and we would be glad to help with your winter prep needs.


Retention Pond Kit

Includes 10 pounds of National Pond Service All Season Bacteria Pellets, for rapid reduction in muck and a six pack of our National Pond Service All Season Dry Bacteria Packets. Retail for all this would be $209.94, Yours today for $167.92.

We like to reward our customers for checking our site often with discounts for the pond supplies you use most.  Our pond supply specials are always changing so everyone is guaranteed to save money on caring for their pond.

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