Water Features

Retention Pond Kit

Includes 10 pounds of National Pond Service All Season Bacteria Pellets, for rapid reduction in muck and a six pack of our National Pond Service All Season Dry Bacteria Packets. Retail for all this would be $209.90, Yours today for $167.92.


Because koi ponds, goldfish ponds and water gardens are closed systems they often need more help to keep clean.


Barley Straw Extract

Our barley straw extract contains a concentrated blend of active ingredients extracted from barley straw.  The natural pond treatment helps keep your pond and water garden clear all season.

• Safe for fish, plants and other wildlife

• Helps keep pond water clean and clear

• Apply 1 oz per 1,000 gallons every 2 weeks

Barley Straw Extract 16 oz $17.99

Custom small pond aeration system

Includes: 15 watt linear compressor, up to 10 ft of 1/2″ tubing & 6 inch air stone. $189.95