Pond and Lake Aeration Installation

Air bubbler in big pond

Diffused aeration


Proper oxygen levels in your lake, pond or water garden are vital to healthy ponds and lakes. 

• Mixes oxygen into the water through out the pond

• Helps to metabolize nutrients that support algae growth

• Reduces fish kills

Adding aeration to your lake, pond or water garden has many benefits. 

  Pond aeration increases the biological break down of organic materials which setttle on the bottom as your pond matures. These materials and excess nutrients often support the growth of algae and reduce water clarity.  Supplemental aeration improves the overall health of your pond and its inhabitants by lowering the biochemical oxygen demand. 

Aeration is also used to prevent summer fish kills by mixing oxygen back into the water during hot temperatures and winter fish kills by keeping a hole in the ice allowing gas exchange during freezing temperatures.


Aeration Maintenance Services


National Pond Service can help maintain your pond aeration system.  

  • Pond aerator or pond fountain
    High volume subsurface aerator

    Clean diffusers and airstones

  •  Replace filters and clean compressor cooling fans
  •  Move air diffuser platforms as needed
  • measure the dissolved oxygen level in your pond to determine when aeration equipment should be operated.

We will clean diffuser pads and place them back into the pond at locations which provide the greatest efficiency. By replacing the air filter on the compressor as needed you will extend it’s life.

No pond or water garden is too small or too large to benefit from pond aeration.  Protect your investment and let National Pond Service  determine if pond aeration should be part of your water treatment program.