Aquatic Plant Management



Hardy water lilies provide shade to pond critters

National Pond Service will manage your aquatic plant community to suit your needs. 

• Too many plants prevent you from enjoying pond

• Too few plants allows algae to grow

• Water plants provide habitat for fish and clean the water

We identify and assess your water plant community and work with you to solve your water plant problems.

Excessive underwater weed growth can restrict swimming, fishing and boating on lakes and ponds.  Excessive cattail growth can also prevent you from enjoying lakes and ponds. 

Pond plant marsh marigold

Marsh Marigold is an early spring blooming pond plant

Some lakes and ponds have the opposite problem and need aquatic plant communities established. 

We specialize in using native plants to enhance your pond. 

Native water plants come in a variety of colors, textures, forms and water depth tolerances. 

Let National Pond Service help you with your aquatic pond plant management.

Pond plant iris

Native blue flag water iris pond plant