There are many factors that can contribute to environmental issues you might have with your lake, pond or water garden.  National Pond Service will send a technician out to assess your pond and the surrounding property.

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There is a lot of information available online but it is not all good information.  Many articles are either outdated or just plain wrong. 

We’ll take environmental measurements and ask you specific questions to gain an understanding of your pond’s history. A plan of action will be implemented that includes your ideas, treatments, and budget cost.



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For a fee, we provide pond consultations on all of our service areas such as:

  • Algae reduction
  • Aquatic plant management
  • Water feature and garden ponds
  • Lake and pond water treatments
  • Fish stocking recommendations
  • Koi and goldfish health
  • Large pond design and project management
  • Water garden, koi pond or goldfish pond design
  • Water gardening


Let us save you time and frustration.  We’ll figure out what’s going on in your pond and provide you with expert advice to take the next step in improving your pond.