Fish Management

Pond Fish Management

Rainbow Trout for pond fish stocking

Rainbow Trout


We specialize in determining fish stocking rates appropriate for your lake, pond or water garden conditions.

We are aware of and take very seriously the various federal and state regulations regarding the stocking, movement and care of regulated fish species.

• Native pond fish stocking

• Fish population assessment

• Management plans tailored to your goals

Largemouth bass pond fish stocking

Net full of Largemouth bass for pond fish stocking



Ornamental Koi and Goldfish Health

If your fish are suddenly not eating, begin swimming abnormally or become lethargic they may have a fish disease. 

Let our experts examine your fish to determine the disease and treatment necessary to safe your fish.

Yellow koi pond fish

Yamabuki yellow koi fish


• Parasites and bacteria are most common

• Stress makes fish more susceptible to disease

• Proper diagnosis determines best treatment

If you are concerned with the overall health of your fish population, give National Pond Service a call today and we’ll help ease your concerns.