Lake and Pond Fountain Installation

Fountains not only look great but are an added benefit to your pond or lake.

Kasco 1/4 hp pond fountain

Kasco 1/4 hp fountain in pond with lotus

• Fountains mix oxygen into the water

• Assembly,  installation and removal service

• Fountain maintenance checks and mid-season adjustments

National Pond Service’s team can help you determine the right size and type of fountain for your pond or lake based on your needs.  We offer yearly installation and removal service, as well as mid-season onsite cleaning and adjustments.

Fountains help to aerate the pond which helps to stimulate the natural biodegradation of organic waste and pollutants.  A fountain helps oxygen to be circulated and absorbed into the water increasing aerobic decomposition as well as supporting greater fish growth and better fish health.

Fountain lights

Kasco pond fountains with lights

You can have a great looking fountain spray and surface aerator by day and a spectacular water feature at night, sure to entertain your family, guests, and fish (perhaps in a different order).

With over 20 years in the pond and water garden industry, we have noticed a big difference in the quality amongst the floating fountain units available for pond owners and lake managers to choose from. 


Big pond fountain

Kasco fountain in backyard pond

You don’t always get the durability that you pay for which is why we choose to be proud distributors of Kasco Marine fountains.  Kasco has consistently stood up to their reputation for building high quality pond products that provide excitement, pond aeration and water circulation.