Lake and Pond Management


National Pond Service’s team is trained in scientific sampling techniques to assess your lake or pond and manage it properly.  We survey lakes and ponds with a variety of measurements to create the best management plan to fit your needs. 

Over time lakes and ponds slowly begin to fill in with organic matter.  Some of that organic matter is produced from within the lake or pond by algae, water plants and fish. 

Other organic matter from terrestrial sources can be transported and deposited through surface runoff, wind action and pond visitors.  As this organic matter begins to breakdown and decay, nutrients are released into the water.  An abundance of nutrients can lead to major water quality problems.


With our lake and pond management program you can help slow down the buildup of organic matter and improve water quality. 

We can provide you with the sampling results we use to monitor and adjust our management plan accordingly.  Let National Pond Service take care of your lake management and pond maintenance.