Pond Cleaning and Restoration Work

Water Garden Cleaning and Restoration Work

Koi water garden

Smaller aquatic ecosystems such as water gardens, goldfish ponds and koi ponds greatly benefit from spring cleanouts and regular maintenance. 

• Remove harmful waste

• Reduce nutrients that support excess algae

• Promote fish health

Water gardens are biological systems that receive nutrients in the form of fertilizer, fish food, fish waste and plant material.  It doesn’t take long for a small pond with a liner to become overloaded with nutrients leading to poor water conditions.  A filter helps to reduce this condition by collecting a percentage of waste material but too often residual waste is still deposited in the pond and accumulates to the point of compromising fish health and water clarity.in your pond.

Relaxing patio pond

National Pond Service uses  proper techniques of cleaning your water garden or koi pond based on principles of science and practicalities of real world experience. 

We take more care in preserving as much of the original environment during the clean out process to alleviate stress to the fish and aquatic animals in your pond.  Proper care when handling your water plants and pond fish are our top priority. 


Water Garden and Koi Pond Maintenance

Relaxing falls greeting at front door

We  offer pond maintenance on a monthly basis or as needed to keep your pond or water feature looking it’s best.  We will: 

• Clean and inspect pond filters and pumps

• Perform water changes and apply benefical products

• Trim plants and assess fish health

Let National Pond Service help you maintain a proper balance in your pond, water garden or water feature.


Pond Restoration Work


  Maybe your pond could look a little better or use fewer refills.

We provide restoration work:

  • to help secure shifting rock work
  • fix holes in liner or concrete
  • stop water leaks
  • replace early designed mechanical units like filters and waterfalls
  • reduce maintenance and increase safety


Send us images of what you have or contact us to schedule an appointment.