Water Treatments

Nonchemical Pond Water Treatments

Big pond with no algae

Using bacteria keeps a pond crystal clear.


At National Pond Service, we recognize that it is better to work with Mother Nature than try to fight against her with chemicals. 

• Using chemicals can facilitate the aging of a pond

• Natural plants and bacteria provide long term biological solutions

We use nonchemical treatment for pond remediation


During our initial site visit we will assess your pond conditions, listen to your concerns and provide you with a nonchemical treatment program to make your pond healthier. A follow up monitoring program will provide information to help guide your future decisions.

As natural lakes and ponds age, they begin to aquire branches, leaves, fish waste, submerged plant material and other organic materials. 

Relaxing stream with chairs

Adding a stream with water plants naturally filters your pond water


The breakdown of these organic materials contribute nutrients causing green algae blooms and adds to the organic sediment layer ” black muck “on the bottom of the pond. 

This layer of black muck often has a negative impact on the water quality and animal health by increasing the biochemical oxygen demand.

Our practices are supported by biological science, extensive research and hands on field experiences.  We understand that each pond is unique but all ponds are an aquatic ecosystem composed of many animals and plants. It’s important to consider how the relationship between these elements can be changed by a remediation process.

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