Spring is here…..what do you need this season?

Spring is Here!!!
At last! Winter is on it’s way out and we are looking forward to opening up those ponds and spending the warm Spring & Summer months enjoying their charms.
Make sure you are ready to start treating your pond as soon as water temperatures are suitable, (around 45-50 degrees)
We recommend around Mothers Day for small ponds and water gardens & Memorial Day for larger ponds.
We carry the products you need to help keep your pond water clean, clear and healthy.
Barley Straw Pellets
10 lbs $34.99
40lbs $82.99
Dry Powder Bacteria
1 pack    $13.95
6 packs $79.99
12 packs $159.99
25 packs $199.99
Sludge Away
1 Gallon $77.95
5 Gallon $377.95
1 Gallon $77.95
5 Gallon $287.95
Call us on 585-394-5890 or email us: info@nationalpondservice.com to place your order and be ready for Spring!