What do you have in store for JULY?

Cowslip spring flowering perennial flowers

July Special

1/4 Acre Pond Pack:

1 bag of Barley Straw Pellets (40 pounds)

1 Jar of Blue Lake Dye (3 packets 4 oz each)

4 Packets of NPS All-Season Bacteria (8 oz each)

Total Retail:  $163.74

Yours for the month of JULY:  $139.95

Using these products will be beneficial to your pond if you are experiencing algae during the warm summer months.  Barley Straw will directly target your algae and adding blue lake dye packets will help with shading along with adding some coloration to your pond.  The NPS All-Season Bacteria will give your pond an overall maintenance to help keep your pond stay healthy for years to come.


Buck bean or bog bean aquatic plant