Goldfish pond

Water Filtration Basics

Water filtration has become less of a mystery with the growth of the aquarium industry.  Some experts promote the use of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.  Many filtration systems on the market today include all three components in one filter. Mechanical filtration works by trapping suspended particles until they can […]

Water Plant Lizards Tail

Lizard tail (Saururus cernuus) has heart-shaped leaves with tiny, fragrant white flowers preferring partial shade but tolerates full sun in cooler climates.  Lizard Tail grows well along streams, areas of seasonal flooding, in container gardens or on a plant shelf in a water garden. Hardy in zones 4-11. Common Names: […]

Cowslip spring flowering perennial flowers

Water Plant Marsh Marigold or Cowslip

Marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) has dark green, heart or kidney-shaped leaves that grow off a thick, hollow branching stem.  Shiny yellow spring flowers erupt early in spring, sometimes before all of the snow has left for the season.  Marsh marigolds or cowslips are best enjoyed along edges of ponds or […]

Water Plant Buck Bean or Bog Bean

Buck bean (Menyanthes trifoliata) has 3-parted green basal leaves that form off of green to pinkish fleshy stems.  Their hairy white flowers bloom as early as grape hyacinths and their fleshy pink stems grow like a floating carpet.  Buck bean is an easy plant to grow in water because it […]

Buck bean or bog bean aquatic plant