Water Plant Arrow Arum

Arrow arum (Peltandra virginica) has green arrow shaped leaves and displays tiny white flowers on a spadix.  They grow well in full sun or partial shade conditions.  Arrow arum stands tall and looks impressive in a container garden, along the water’s edge and in bog filters. These plants are common in the Northeast and hardy to zone 4.

Common Names: Arrow arum, green arrow arum, tuckahoe

Arrow arums are native water plants.

Arrow arums are native water plants.

Scientific Name: Peltandra virginica

Sun Tolerance: Arrow arum enjoys full sun to partial shade.

Planting Depth: Arrow arum does best when planted in a shallow bog or placed on a plant shelf in up to 18 inches of water.

Height of Plant: Arrow arum grows 2-3 feet tall.

Bloom color and time of year: The small flower cluster is a yellow spadix surrounded by a greenish-white spathe at the top of a statuesque stalk that blooms from April through June.

Native Status: Arrow arum is native to the East and Midwestern United States.

Benefit: Arrow arum provides food for small mammals and waterfowl and additional surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow on.  Arrow arum also help take up nutrients which helps to keep your pond clean.

Care: Fertilizing your arrow arum once a month will help your plant looks its best. We split our nursery stock plants every few years by removing the plant from its container, cutting the plant in half and re-potting the plants into new, separate containers.

In cooler climate we recommend trimming plants down to a few inches at the end of the growing season. By the first week of November eliminate as much plant material that would otherwise decay in the ponds. This way you will help to create a healthier environment for your fish and aquatic critters over the winter.