Water Plant Lizards Tail

Lizard tail (Saururus cernuus) has heart-shaped leaves with tiny, fragrant white flowers preferring partial shade but tolerates full sun in cooler climates.  Lizard Tail grows well along streams, areas of seasonal flooding, in container gardens or on a plant shelf in a water garden. Hardy in zones 4-11.

Common Names: Lizard Tail

Aquatic plant, pond plant lizard tail

Lizards tail is a native pond plant that grows well in part shade and full sun.

Scientific Name: Saururus cernuus

Sun Tolerance: Lizard Tail enjoys full sun but will flower for longer periods in partial shade.

Planting Depth: Lizard Tail can grow on the banks of a stream, in moist soil or up to 6 inches of water.

Height of Plant: Lizard Tail grows up to 3 feet.

Bloom color and time of year: Lizard Tail has tiny fragrant white flowers that bloom in early summer.

Native Status: Lizard Tail is native lake edges and slow streams in New England as far west as Michigan and as far south as Texas.

Benefit: Lizard Tail is valued by wood ducks and attracts birds. Their unusual flowers are charming and fragrant. Lizard tail also takes nitrates out of the water keeping your pond cleaner.

Care: Fertilizing your Lizard Tail once a month will keep it looking its best, especially in full sun. In cooler climate we recommend trimming plants down to a few inches at the end of the growing season. This way you will help to create a healthier environment for your fish and aquatic critters over the winter.