Water Plant Swamp Hibiscus

Swamp hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) is a pond shrub with large heart-shaped leaves and does well in full sun or partial shade.  Swamp hibiscus is best enjoyed in moist or shallow areas and is a great focal point in a container garden.  They are hardy to zone 5.

Common Names: Swamp hibiscus, water hibiscus, swamp mallow, swamp rose mallow

Scientific Name: Hibiscus moscheutos

Swamp hibiscus are beautiful, tall pond plants

Swamp hibiscus are beautiful, tall pond plants

Sun Tolerance: Swamp hibiscus performs best in full sun but performs well in part shade.

Planting Depth: Swamp hibiscus can be planted in moist soil or up to 4 inches of water.

Height of Plant: Swamp hibiscus can grow up to 6 feet tall in full sun conditions.

Bloom color and time of year: Swamp hibiscus has large, showy pink flowers from July to September.

Native Status: Swamp hibiscus is native to eastern North America.

Benefit: Swamp hibiscus helps take nutrients out of the water keeping your pond cleaner.

Care: Fertilize your Swamp hibiscus to encourage more blossoms.  Remove flower buds after they have bloomed.  In the fall you can cut the stems down to the water surface but not below the water.