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National Pond Service is the most trusted Pond Maintenance, Design, Construction and Repair specialist in the Western United States. We’re focused on helping our Park City, UT area clients enjoy their ponds beautifully and naturally.

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Residential Pond Management & Maintenance in Park City, UT

National Pond Service is a professional pond and water garden management and maintenance company serving residential clients for over 20 years. Our pond care and maintenance services in Park City, Utah include Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs), duckweed, and aquatic weed management & treatment services, pond construction and repair, Cyanobacteria remediation, shoreline and ecosystem maintenance.

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Pond Maintenance

National Pond Service has been the trusted source for residential, commercial, and agricultural pond design, installation, and maintenance in the Salt Lake City area for over 20 years. We focus on maintaining ponds in Utah, especially with concerns about cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) blooms, which require additional attention to water quality and testing. Cyanobacteria can produce toxins harmful to humans, pets, and wildlife, so it’s crucial to monitor and manage their presence.

We offer services for both residential agricultural and HAB ponds.  We are proud to serve agricultural ponds in Utah which involves managing water resources efficiently to support irrigation, livestock watering, and other farming activities.

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Water Gardens

Custom Park City, Utah Water Garden Installation and Maintenance You Can Trust

National Pond Service has installed countless water gardens and water features for residential and agricultural customers alike, as well as Home Owners Associations. We love designing, installing and maintaining new and existing water gardens. We can upgrade or repair your existing pond, as well as help you maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

In the Salt Lake City area, whether you want to create a custom designed western style or an asian themed water garden, our water garden experts can design and install koi ponds and water gardens in a wide range of sizes with one-of-a-kind fountains, pondless waterfalls, and streams to fit your budget and help you create your own relaxing getaway space.

Pond Algae Maintenance and Services - Park City, UT

Total Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Regular pond and water feature maintenance is at the heart of keeping your pond clean and functioning as intended. And National Pond Service is here to help with:

  • Spring Opening & Cleanout Service
  • Monthly & On-Call Pond Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Fall Pond Winterization & Shutdown
  • Aquatic Plant & Fish Care
  • Stormwater Detention & Retention System Maintenance

Serving clients throughout the Park City, Utah area, our comprehensive, professional pond maintenance and pond cleaning services can help you get the most out of your pond while avoiding costly and unforeseen future repairs. Ready to get started on your project? Have questions for us? Get in touch!