Stocking your pond for Fall

Gamefish, also known as sport fish or pond fish are an added delight to any pond or lake. Entertain the kids with pellet trained pond fish or add a little variety to dinner with fresh fish right out of your own backyard pond. Even though fish may be trained to eat pelletized fish food they […]

Largemouth bass have dark backs, olive green sides, white bellies and a dotted line down their sides.

Monkey flowers are native, shallow water pond plants.

Water Plant Monkey Flower

Monkey flower (Mimulus ringens) has oblong-shaped leaves with jagged edges and lavender flowers.  Monkey flower tolerates full sun but performs best in part shade.  Monkey flower looks great in container gardens or among sedges in up to 6 inches of water.  They are hardy to zone 5. Common Names: Monkey flower, Allegheny monkey flower, Square-stemmed […]

Understand and Prevent Fish Kills in Your Pond

Each summer, usually starting in late July and accelerating into early August, we hear about fish kills from pond owners. By the time dying fish are observed in ponds, it is often too late to save them. But by understanding the causes of summer fish kills, actions can be taken now to help prevent fish […]

Diffused aeration in your pond helps prevent fish kills.

How to Improve Fish Health

Whether you have an aquaculture business growing fish or you have a backyard water garden with beautiful koi and goldfish, maintaining the health of your fish can be achieved by paying attention to key details.  Optimum fish health is easily achieved with good nutrition, sanitation and good water quality. Good nutrition is just as important […]

Water Plant Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) has bright green lance-shaped leaves with bright red flowers and enjoys full sun to shade.  Cardinal flower is best enjoyed on the back edge of a bog or the center of a container garden in up to 3 inches of water.  They are hardy in zones 5 through 11. Common Names: […]

Cardinal flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies

Fish diseases are common in the spring.

Identify and Treat Common Fish Diseases

    The ability to quickly identify and treat common fish diseases greatly improves the odds that sick fish will bounce back to good health. Key to disease control is observing fish behavior. Any lasting changes to normal behavior should be investigated. When fish start acting differently, it’s time to take action. Even just a […]

Water Plant Swamp Hibiscus

Swamp hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) is a pond shrub with large heart-shaped leaves and does well in full sun or partial shade.  Swamp hibiscus is best enjoyed in moist or shallow areas and is a great focal point in a container garden.  They are hardy to zone 5. Common Names: Swamp hibiscus, water hibiscus, swamp mallow, […]

Swamp hibiscus are beautiful, tall pond plants

Beneficial bacteria help maintain a balanced pond ecosystem. Apply monthly during the summer, increasing to twice a month during extended periods of heavy rain.

Work with Mother Nature to Control Pond Algae

Add beneficial bacteria to your pond once a month this summer to help prevent the grueling feud with nuisance algae that many pond owners experience during the hot, sunny summer months. Mother Nature’s prescription for algae control rests with having a balanced pond ecosystem. When used regularly, beneficial bacteria help maintain that balance. All-Season Pond […]

Control Pond Algae with Plants

Creative use of pond plants helps supplement pond filtration and control algae in your pond. Desirable pond plants and algae both have the same requirements for thriving in a pond environment. Free-floating plants like water hyacinth, a popular floater with succulent leaves and bright purple flowers, are great at competing with algae for nutrients and […]

Water lily blooms grace a pond at Willow Pond Aqua Farms. The lilies are one of a variety of plants that help control pond algae.

Keep pond algae at bay with barley straw pellets. Apply pellets every six weeks for best results.

Keep Pond Algae at Bay

Algae tend to plague pond owners during the hot, sunny, calm part of the summer. Increased sunlight and rising water temperature create ideal conditions for aggressive algae growth. With a little know-how and planning now, you can help avoid excessive algae in your pond later in the season. Check back the next couple of days […]