National Pond Service feeding koi fish in pondNational Pond Service offers a variety of services.  If interested in fish please check out  Keep in mind fish are only available at select times of the year. 

Adding fish to your pond, lake or water garden can enhance your enjoyment of your pond.  Watching koi and goldfish gracefully move about your pond is a very relaxing experience.  Koi and goldfish help to create balance in your pond by providing nutrients for plants to grow.  Game fish like bass, perch and minnows also create balance in your pond by controlling fish populations.

Japanese Koi and goldfish are not recommended for natural bodies of water.  Japanese koi, domestic koi and goldfish are generally available from mid April through October 31st.  Because no two koi are exactly alike their availability and price are dependent on their size, body conformation, quality of color patterns and market demand. 

Although no two goldfish are exactly alike their patterns are very similar between goldfish of the same variety.  Goldfish are related to Koi and are easy to care for.  Goldfish can reach up to 12 to 14 inches in length and can live for about 7 to 10 years.  We take great pride in the quality and care of our goldfish.  Because of the extra care provided to our goldfish you end up placing happy and healthy fish into your water garden.


Gamefish, also known as sport fish or pond fish are an added delight to any pond or lake.  Entertain the kids with pellet trained pond fish or add a little variety to dinner with fresh fish right out of your own backyard.  Even though fish may be trained to eat pelletized fish food they will still give a good fight on the opposite end of a fishing line.

Pond stocking with rainbow trout

Rainbow trout fish for pond stocking