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Building a pond

Having a pond on your property to swim in, fish, and relax by is a great enjoyment.  Building a pond can be as simple as digging a hole in the ground or more complex when excavation equipment is involved. Think about how you are going to use this pond to […]


Garden Pond Aeration Kit:  Retails for $189.99 Yours for the month of October:  $161.50 Do you use aeration during the winter months?  National Pond Service recommends aeration to help prevent fish kill.  Aeration is also good when used to help promote oxygen into your pond.  We have kits available for purchase […]

Water Column Clarifier

Do you have issues with your pond or water garden NOT being clear?  You should try Water Column Clarifier!  This product is a nutrient consuming liquid bacteria.  This product also establishes healthy bacterial cultures, consumes nitrogen and phosphate as well as keeps your ponds and fish healthy!  Not only is […]

August Special update!

August Special Don’t miss out on this deal……Our Country Pond Filter is now on sale for $787.50!!  Retails for $875.00 The Country Pond Filter system is designed to remove nutrients that support the growth of green algae and duckweed in ponds up to one acre. Benefits: -Easy for one worker to […]