Aquatic Pond Plant Tips

Water Plant Tips contains articles on caring for aquatic plants. Learn what plants to grow in water and improve the health of your water garden or pond. Learn about native aquatic plants in your region and how to plant water plants.

Aquatic plant hardy pink water lily

Types of Aquatic Plants

Water plants provide numerous benefits to a backyard pond water garden.  Water plants or aquatic plants take nutrients out of the water and put oxygen back into the water.  Water plants also soften a pond’s edge.  The graceful transition from land to water also serves as erosion control along the […]

Caring for Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants, also known as water plants, bog plants or macrophytes are a diverse group in aquatic systems.  They include floating species that grow on the surface of the water without rooting to the substrate.  There are emergent species of aquatic plants that root in the pond substrate and grow […]