Jim Kennedy

Water Plant Monkey Flower

Monkey flower (Mimulus ringens) has oblong-shaped leaves with jagged edges and lavender flowers.  Monkey flower tolerates full sun but performs best in part shade.  Monkey flower looks great in container gardens or among sedges in up to 6 inches of water.  They are hardy to zone 5. Common Names: Monkey […]

Water Plant Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) has bright green lance-shaped leaves with bright red flowers and enjoys full sun to shade.  Cardinal flower is best enjoyed on the back edge of a bog or the center of a container garden in up to 3 inches of water.  They are hardy in zones […]

Water Plant Swamp Hibiscus

Swamp hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) is a pond shrub with large heart-shaped leaves and does well in full sun or partial shade.  Swamp hibiscus is best enjoyed in moist or shallow areas and is a great focal point in a container garden.  They are hardy to zone 5. Common Names: Swamp […]

Pond Algae thrives on nutrients. Have you considered using Flowering Aquatic Plants

Creative use of pond plants helps supplement pond filtration and nutrient reduction in your pond. Desirable pond plants and green algae both compete for nitrate, phosphorus, and other minor nutrients in the water.  Without competition, algae will prosper until the nutrient load is consumed. Establishing select flowering aquatic plants along the […]

Keep Pond Algae at Bay

Algae tend to plague pond owners during the hot, sunny, calm part of the summer. Increased sunlight and rising water temperature create ideal conditions for aggressive algae growth. With a little know-how and planning now, you can help avoid excessive algae in your pond later in the season. For a […]