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1004, 2017

Purchasing Japanese Koi Fish: A Pond Owners Guide

Finding & Purchasing Japanese Koi Fish for Your Pond Koi are the most beautiful pets in the world. If you are a long time koi enthusiast, or a newcomer to these amazing underwater, pets you know that the variations, colors, and patterns of koi make the carp species exceptionally stunning. And you are not alone. People all over the [...]

102, 2017

How to Build a Pond

How to Build a Pond: A Beginners Guide Having a pond on your property to swim in, fish, and relax by is a great enjoyment.  Building a pond can be as simple as digging a hole in the ground or more complex when excavation equipment is involved. Think about how you are going to use this pond to [...]

2408, 2016

Pond Water Column Clarifier for Cloudy Water

Do you have issues with your pond or water garden NOT being clear?  You should try Water Column Clarifier!  This product is a nutrient consuming liquid bacteria.  Pond water column clarifier also establishes healthy bacterial cultures, consumes nitrogen and phosphate as well as keeps your ponds and fish healthy!  Not only is this product all-natural, it also will [...]

1005, 2016

Do you use our National Pond Service Products?

National Pond Service Products We help people enjoy ponds **All Products are eco-friendly and natural. No harm to fish, plants, or other wildlife. All-Season Pond Bacteria: Apply this product as a maintenance treatment to reduce organic sediments on the bottom of the pond. This will help keep your pond healthy for years to come. Available in 8 oz [...]

1104, 2016

What do you know about our All Season Bacteria Pellets?

  Directions: Apply 10-25 pounds per surface acre once per month or as needed. Apply 50 pounds per acre for rapid reduction around piers and shorelines. This product is a natural foundation of beneficial pond bacteria for use in large ponds and lakes. When used regularly this product will reduce bottom sledge, targets specific areas, preforms in water [...]

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